5 Reasons To Use Stainless Steel Pipe For Modern Sofa

5 Reasons To Use Stainless Steel Pipe For Modern Sofa

The use of metals to construct sofa and other furniture dates back to 19thcentury when wrought iron was in fashion. Not only does stainless steel give a rustic yet contemporary appearance to metal furniture but promises sturdiness with high quality. Stainless steel furniture is strong throughout its lifetime and also offers flexibility with pleasing aesthetics. Here are five reasons to use stainless steel pipes in a modern sofa:

1. Stainless steel pipes are more corrosion resistant

Now, who wouldn’t want a low maintenance sofa? Stainless steel pipes are highly resistant to corrosion and rust and are not easily stained by water. This is major because of 10.5% chromium composition in stainless steel. The chromium forms a protective layer of chromium oxide on the surface of the metal, which blocks the corrosion from occurring. The 304 Grade has at least 18% of chromium in its composition, which makes it even more durable against rain and snow.

Stainless steel pipes are therefore extremely popular in outdoor sofas as well as metal furniture.

2. Stainless steel pipes are less brittle

Stainless steel pipes are therefore extremely popular in outdoor sofas as well as metal furniture.

Stainless steel pipes can handle pressure and more weight on a sofa and are less likely to crack making it extremely durable for long-term use. That is the reason why furniture in public gardens is generally made of this stainless steel.

3. Stainless steel pipes can be fixed if corroded

Stainless steel pipes used in sofas needs negligible maintenance. However, pollutants in the city air containing chlorine could weaken the chromium oxide layer and expose the steel underneath to ambient atmosphere. This may cause the stainless steel pipe to stain and rust. There are a lot of ways to maintain the furniture and pipes.

Stainless steel is “self-healing” and can re-form that protective chromium-oxide layer as long as the surface is intact, but once the surface is scratched off, there is little hope thereafter.

4. Stainless steel pipes have flexible design

Stainless steel pipes can be used to create custom sofas and furniture to match precise design specifications. Customers can choose from a range of vintage or modern style, complete with authentic finishing which may include chrome, paint and polish. Depending on design specifications, stainless steel pipes can be customized for texture, look, colour and finishing. This allows for maximum flexibility in sourcing furniture components of many different looks, while still maintaining the highest quality.

Stainless steel modern sofa has various features like strength and has high hardening rates. This allows the furniture to be highly moldable, giving it virtually any custom shape that customers require.

5. Stainless steel pipes are ideal for Furniture

Stainless steel is the only metal which offers strength needed for furniture applications with low maintenance. In order to create the sturdy base of sofa, metal table columns and chair bases, it is important to use materials that can maintain strength as well as beauty.

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